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(42 words) Vocabulary to rule : to hand a legal decision for a court furthermore moreover Grammar the death sentence/penalty Æ capital punishment Use the simple past when you refer to past events B/ Find the English synonym for each word (adequate for use.For all these reasons capital punishment can be considered as a violation of Human rights and appears as undemocratic.In the USA, the death penalty is still carried out in 35 states, and is source of many debates about fairness.There has been a lot of press coverage about the recent controversial case of the Afro-American Troy Davis who has become the symbol of the fight against this legal procedure.Thats the reason why, in order to take impartial and democratic decisions, the death sentence may have to be commuted into a shorter but fair one.» The sentence is about Abu-Jamals public image (cf.In that sense, it amounts to murdering a man or a woman for another crime and can be regarded as a cold-blooded murder committed by the State with premeditation.Correction Abu-Jamal, a well-spoken/ an articulate person who came to embody the unfairness of the death penalty and the criminal justice system, managed to attract public attention, leading the anti-death penalty activists to build momentum against capital punishment around his case.Clear-cut: unambiguous Method use the context: « Though there were problems with Abu-Jamals trial, other cases have had more clear-cut examples of wrongdoing, incompetence and bias, says Richard Dieter, director of the Death Penalty Information Center. .Concours Première année, concours d'entrée 2016, concours Première année, concours d'entrée 2015, concours Première année, concours d'entrée 2014.Life sentence In the end, this much is true: an appeals court did find that the sentencing jury that handed Abu-Jamal the death penalty had received invalid instructions.Ordeal: nightmare cadeau pour maman a fabriquer noel use the context: « My family and I have endured a three-decade ordea l at the hands of Mumia Abu-Jamal, his attorneys and his supporters » The verb «endure which is a transparent word, indicates the idea of pain associated to time (30 years) meaning.According to the journalist why is the case of Abu-Jamal twofold?Furthermore, the victims promo gap wife, achat carte cadeau esso Maureen Faulkner, gave her approval to the district attorney to commute the death sentence to life in prison.
Essai 2 The question of justice and fairness seems to be essential to the efficiency of democracy but also highly problematic when it deals even more directly with Human Rights, especially in the United States where the death penalty is still allowed by the law.

The comparative «more» also indicates that Richard Dieter says that there are other cases which are more flagrant examples of unfairness than that of Abu-Jamal.
Regardless of whether he was a political prisoner or cold-blooded killer, the court said, justice was unfairly applied.
« Theres general opposition to the death penalty, and it needs a face, and a cause, » Mr Dieter says.