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By Alain Sherter, september 25, 2013 / 6:09 PM / MoneyWatch (MoneyWatch) The history of concours de cadre supérieur de santé American business is littered with the remains of once-dominant companies suddenly rendered obsolete by powerful new technologies.
That split focus is confusing even BlackBerry's core users, business people like Ken Wisnefski.
As they grew the company, RIM leaders repeatedly faced skeptical analysts and tech pundits who predicted the company would soon get squashed by Microsoft or other telecom giants.
Wine yield 69L/18GAL includes fermentation ingredients.The way forward for BlackBerry is hazy at best."But the reality is that they're not.".Amid this success, BlackBerry became wedded to its products and business model, failing to comprehend just how thoroughly the iPhone and its imitators would upend the industry.Also working against BlackBerry is that many businesses today encourage employees to use their personal device for work rather than issue a company phone."It's up to them to define their niche and not pretend to be something they're not said Wisnefski, CEO of digital marketing firm WebiMax and by his own admission one of only two people at the New Jersey company who still uses a BlackBerry product.For BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins and other top managers, going private could offer a better environment for revamping the company's strategy.Raden Intan .The company's leaders were also distracted by other concerns, notably a long-running legal battle with a company, NTP, that held patents used in its wireless email service.But companies like Google, with Android, and even notoriously slow-footed Microsoft, with its Windows-based line of wireless devices, eventually perceived the threat and took action.As BlackBerry lost its juice, it turned to marketing gimmicks, spending big bucks this year on a widely panned Super Bowl.
So did Nokia, Palm and other major tech players that summarily dismissed Apple's foray into mobile.