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10 - THE 2004 presidential election - 2 documents.The purpose of this presentation is to provide you with fundamental references in the American economic history in so far as all of the historical trends developed below help understand todays America.I chose to focus strictly on the recent cases, debates and controversies to provide you as always- with examples for your own oral presentations.Britain Stands Alone, chargement des documents en cours.05 - america today - 3 documents.Coaching et efficacité : Notre méthode est fondée sur notre proximité avec l'étudiant et sa famille.11 idée cadeau pour sa soeur de 13 ans -blair AND THE 2005 general election - 2 documents.Public services: crisis and reform.Anglais 67 documents en HEC Eco 1ère année 00 - ipesup English workpack - 12 documents 10 unités de travail pour progresser en anglais, en auto-correction.Cours particuliers avec enseignants spécialistes Prépa HEC.Dans ce mode, tous les documents sont visibles, mais présentés sous forme dextraits.06 - education - 3 documents ucation systems are different in Britain and America, so is the vocabulary.Before I move on to the conflict generally called the troubles- Id like to make sure you are aware of the geopolitical facts about Northern Ireland.03 - northern ireland - 3 documents.Nos Particuliers Prépa HEC.Dans toute la France : Nos cours particuliers prépa commerciale sont donnés dans toute la France au domicile des étudiants, dans nos locaux ou par visioconférence.I hope you will find here the necessary keys to current events and debates.Email téléphone adresse ville.04 - THE american political system - 3 documents.
This presentation is on immigration and integration both in Great Britain and the United States.

The main reforms implemented in the recent years, and especially devolution and the reform of the Lords.