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Socrates once argued that there are characteristics, which cause some images to stick, while others do not.
What Makes A Product Cool?
Any credit becomes due and payable on demand.Do you have problems getting your message across?Are you trying to promote a product, service, new business model, or new lifestyle?Gorbachev, tear down this wall, referring to the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of the ideological divide between East and West, is a case in point.President Reagans legendary phrase,.(Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife).The bottom line: To be effective, a message must be appealing, clear, direct, sticky, credible, and transparent, using characters and stories that people are familiar with, can easily memorize and can recall at the moment they are making a decision.People are more likely to understand an explicit rather than an implicit message, especially in western societies where directness is considered a virtue.The core message is the Big Picture, the primary goal sought by a campaign; and it can be conveyed with a simple story told in a logical order that relates to peoples lives.Beyond The Secret: Change Your Life In Five Simple Steps).What does it take to reach your audience and make a lasting impression?Read: Who Can Save.Clarity is about separating the core message from the background noise, the irrelevant things reduction center parc gmf that suppress, obscure, and distort the message.
And theyre more likely to remember and recall things they do pay attention to, rather than things they do not.

Stickiness is a quality of memorability; it attracts and holds attention.
Appeal is a way to attract a persons attention to a messageusually by making it interesting, entertaining, and emotional.
One way to make the message direct is to use catchy phrases, symbols and icons that people understand.