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Reduce dash tumblr

reduce dash tumblr

Finally, kudos to Tumblr for giving us the options to remove these annoyances easily.
These can slow down Tumblr loading times, especially if you're using a complex theme with animations.
Apparently I'm weird for just going to my knees.If you hate In Your Orbit recommendations, you can turn that buttock reduction surgery in india off right from here as well.You can try to make Tumblr load faster on your computer by disabling GIFs and being careful with how many modifications and extensions you use at once.With no option to disable GIFs in Tumblr's settings, you can use a browser extension to do this for you.Step 2: Tap General Settings and select Dashboard Preferences.For better, more relevant recommendations, toggle on Improved Search in your settings.You should now see both Best of Stuff and In Your Orbit recommendations gone.XKit for Firefox, note: If you use Firefox, click the file labeled new_xkit-7.8.2.xpi after clicking the Download button above to get the extension installed.Hence, no followers or random visitors should be able to pester you unless youve chatted with them previously.You seem interested means youve liked a few posts from this Tumblr before but you're not following them yet.These will hide or stop GIFs from playing by default unless you click to view them.If you didnt already know, XKit is a dedicated Tumblr extension that has dozens of mini-extensions.Android and iOS, removing followed searches on both Android and iOS requires the same procedure.I just realized that none knows who i really am 55 26 comments, couldn't we figure out the gender of my couch?
Tip: There are also a host of other options on the Messaging Tweaks mini-extension, so dont forget to check them out!