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Scott scale 940 promo

scott scale 940 promo

During the development of a hardtail frame, it is essential to distinguish the areas of the frame reduction abonnement fleurus presse optimized for comfort from the ones more related to the stiffness.
In the new Scale weve considered all these aspects to avoid any undesired flexion that would affect performances either climbing or descending.Fox 32 Float Rhythm Grip 3-Modes.The result on the new Scale frame is specific, controlled flex in areas that increase rider comfort and guarantee optimal absorption of vibrations not only on the saddle but also when the riders standing up on the pedals.This approach to comfort must not only accommodate the lightest weight attainable, but also maintain stiffness for the sake of pedal efficiency.Many brands in the market offer different solutions to improve those aspects but most of them are limited only to a component or a specific area of the frame.Further, superior rigidity of the frame ensures accurate handling in the steeper sections.With scott SDS2 technology we go beyond this approach, reinventing the concept of comfort on hardtail frames without adding additional parts or sacrificing pedaling reach our goal, we ran analysis and testing to optimize different shapes of the tubes on the whole frame along with.Racers will attest that ride comfort is an essential element of performance.The scott Scale 940 features an ultralight Carbon Frame.Scott Scale 940 Bike.Scale Carbon HMF Frame.Tapered steerer, remote Lockout.Syncros X-25 TR Rims." " A merveille!#MakingOf Hugo, ancien élève MP désormais étudiant ingénieur Mines Albi rassure les candidats au concours devant les caméras!' Photo promo for movie/Greg Kinnear, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Robert DeNiro Lions Gate Films/2004/26x40.4.50 gokudo: goddess extraordinaire 2-sided promo for anime video series AnimeWorks/1999/8x11.0.75 gokudo 2: magician extraordinaire 2-sided promo for anime video series AnimeWorks/1999/8x11.0.75 golden compass Photo promo for movie tie-in card set Inkworks/2007/8x11.0.50 GON.
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