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Teeth gap reduction

When youre happy with the results you can order your clear aligners and idee cadeau papy 90 ans get started with these revolutionary braces as part of your at home treatment.
Also, some people's wisdom teeth never grow.
Take this advice seriously because failure to follow these instructions may negatively affect your results and your dentist can easily tell if you didn't do as requested.
Sometimes, people have very nice-looking teeth, but they have small gaps between their teeth.This means that some spaces will need to be left at the top or towards the back, or closed with cosmetic bonding.Ask why your dentist has suggested this treatment option over something else.3, make a list of questions and concerns about your preferred treatment.2, inspect your teeth.If you have multiple gaps, gaps wider than 5 millimeters, crooked teeth, and you do not want to cover up your existing teeth, then braces might be your best option.If your lateral incisors are too small, your dentist may suggest widening them using crowns, veneers or bonding.3 Enjoy your new smile!Advanced materials manage to last longer over time and can be easily repaired if something bad happens, so choosing bonding can be the best option in this case.2 Follow your dentist's aftercare instructions to the letter.This is very common and can be caused for many reasons.
Why do you have teeth gaps?
You may be instructed to avoid or abstain from eating certain foods until your treatment is complete or maybe just maty offre promo for a short period of time.