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On returning to Kenya, he joined Carr-Hartley who captured and provided animals to zoos around the whole world.
Animations : de Pâques à la Toussaint, deux spectacles, lun avec des otaries et lautre avec des perroquets sont proposés, un le matin, un laprès-midi.It was through his frequent visits helping his brother-in-law that Claude Caillé discovered his passion for animals.In October 2000, a female cheetah born in 1992, exhibited salivary and locomotive disorders.Then, in the sixties, he decided to leave for Africa to capture animals there.A very detailed attention is given to the fauna chaussures mellow yellow promo of the Overseas departments and territories of France.At that time, the animals of the zoo were regarded as forming members of the family and, thus, babies which mothers abandoned were suckled with feeding-bottles.Today, the last wild populations remain mainly out of the protected reserves, in degraded zones subjected to the human exploitation (deforestation, and agriculture).Carte d'abonnement annuelle adulte 51, carte d'abonnement annuelle enfant de 3 à 12 ans.The animal would have been contaminated by pieces of meat, soiled by remainders of nervous systems, given to cat-like in addition to their ration containing chicken.Il enregistre chaque année 200 à 300 naissances, un succès qui s'explique par les soins apportés à l'alimentation et au bien-être des animaux.It was created in 1966 in the forest of the commune of Les Mathes, near Royan, by its founder Claude Caillé.Golden Lion Tamarin In 1992, the zoo sent a family of tamarins lions to Brazil within the framework of a rescue operation of this species, threatened since the end of 1960 because of the forestry development and the extension of the human population.With growing success, the zoo grew and accommodated newcomers.30 tons of feeding stuffs compound by the flamingos, monkeys, pandas, etc.Recent news, due to the aviary epidemic of influenza, it was considered to vaccinate, as a precautionary measure, the 600 exercice concentration concours ifsi birds boarders of the zoo.Nous vous invitons à donner une note en cliquant sur les étoiles.